Thursday, October 27, 2011

There are times where it is far too easy to just sit.  Sit and do nothing.

In times of stress it is easy to shut down.  For a while it helps and that can give your brain a little time to heal, or at least to catch up.

Shut down time needs to be done.  Things need to get going and moving.  The hard  part is getting the impetus us to start all over again. 

It needs to be remembered that it is not a complete restart.  Things have not stopped.  Life still goes on.  It is instead a matter of refocusing the potential energy into something else.  Something that moves forward, rather than remaining suspended in mid-air.

That is what it has been.  A suspension.  Not the bottom of a hill, but rather a pause mid-flight.  It's not the journey that is feared, rather the remembrance of the chaos that comes with it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double standard #46

Ok.... so I am waiting for the children to finish their breakfast so we can head off to the farmer's market. Since I figure I have a few spare minutes I decided to actually iron my kilt and starch the pleats so it holds them better and that leads me to wondering.... How many times will I be asked today if I am wearing the kilt without anything underneath?

Which of course made me then wonder... Why is it considered appropriate to ask men if they are wearing anything under their kilt?

If I were to walk up to a woman I don't know and say, "So, are you wearing any panties today?" I would at minimum be considered a pervert.  Most likely I would get either yelled at or slapped.  And what if I walked up to a strange woman and said, "I'll give you a dollar if you aren't wearing panties?"  Might I get arrested to harassment, or even solicitation?  The funny part is, that last line was said to me (minus the word "panties") as Samantha and I were walking in West Seattle a week or so ago. 

There is no real rant here.  Rather, I just find it to be yet another interesting double standard that is held between the genders.

Any comments? (Note: I didn't say "questions" for those who would ask the obvious.)

Friday, July 29, 2011

A year in the life...

     Well,  I will admit that it has been ages since I have even attempted to write a post for this blog.  The last draft I have saved is dated back from February. Ok, Tolstoy I am not.

     It has been nearly a year since we have moved to Seattle.  I have found that I enjoy living near the city. For a guy who grew up in a town with less than 20,000 people it surprised me as to how much like it here.  Unfortunately now on the one year anniversary of the move we are moving again.  The move itself is not a bad thing, simply one that was unexpected. Life moves in ways that I do not claim to understand. I am just trying to go along and see where it takes me.

     So, back to Fircrest we go. This time however it is a different move.  We are moving into the house together, not just one person moving into another's space, but two people moving in and creating the space as a couple. It will be a new experience for the both of us.  Picking paint. Choosing carpet. Landscaping. Restoring with both our ideas.  I look forward to the challenge.  This will be our chance to make it a home for us, for our family.

     When I purchased the house fourteen years ago I was an entirely different person.  Funny enough I never even had a house warming party.  Over the next thirteen years of living there many friends never even saw the place. It was as if my place was merely a legend, one that only few saw and even fewer visited.  Not this time.  The intention is to make it ready for guests quickly and to have people over frequently.  One downside of moving to Seattle was that we had so many friends down here who we already saw infrequently enough. The move only made the visits even father apart.  Thankfully we made some good friends in Seattle, but in moving back down we will make it a point to see everyone more often.  Invites will come more frequently, so be sure to watch for them.  Better yet.... please call.  Come over.  Make plans.

     We are making sure this move becomes a positive thing.  Life goes on.  Things change.  We adapt and live our lives the best we can.  Please join us.