Thursday, October 27, 2011

There are times where it is far too easy to just sit.  Sit and do nothing.

In times of stress it is easy to shut down.  For a while it helps and that can give your brain a little time to heal, or at least to catch up.

Shut down time needs to be done.  Things need to get going and moving.  The hard  part is getting the impetus us to start all over again. 

It needs to be remembered that it is not a complete restart.  Things have not stopped.  Life still goes on.  It is instead a matter of refocusing the potential energy into something else.  Something that moves forward, rather than remaining suspended in mid-air.

That is what it has been.  A suspension.  Not the bottom of a hill, but rather a pause mid-flight.  It's not the journey that is feared, rather the remembrance of the chaos that comes with it.

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