Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double standard #46

Ok.... so I am waiting for the children to finish their breakfast so we can head off to the farmer's market. Since I figure I have a few spare minutes I decided to actually iron my kilt and starch the pleats so it holds them better and that leads me to wondering.... How many times will I be asked today if I am wearing the kilt without anything underneath?

Which of course made me then wonder... Why is it considered appropriate to ask men if they are wearing anything under their kilt?

If I were to walk up to a woman I don't know and say, "So, are you wearing any panties today?" I would at minimum be considered a pervert.  Most likely I would get either yelled at or slapped.  And what if I walked up to a strange woman and said, "I'll give you a dollar if you aren't wearing panties?"  Might I get arrested to harassment, or even solicitation?  The funny part is, that last line was said to me (minus the word "panties") as Samantha and I were walking in West Seattle a week or so ago. 

There is no real rant here.  Rather, I just find it to be yet another interesting double standard that is held between the genders.

Any comments? (Note: I didn't say "questions" for those who would ask the obvious.)

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