Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blech. Blech. (and) Blech.

When you are two and you get sick you scream and cry and pretty much let everyone know how you are feeling. Snotbubbles fill the air and you demand the attention you need.

When you are four and you get sick it is fairly similar, except instead of just crying and screaming you also yell about how you are feeling. There is the vacant stare you adopt when you really just cant focus on anything and your brain has turned to mush. Still, you demand the attention you need.

When you are an adult and you get sick people expect you to lock yourself away and not see anyone else. You have to suck it up and deal.

I don't feel like being an adult today. I'm just saying. Blech.


  1. Come here, honey! Let me kiss your forehead.

  2. Sounds like the kidlets gave your their ickies :(

  3. Hey, when you're an adult, you can still tell people how ya feel, just no screaming allowed.

    Hope you feel better, Pip definitely got me too. Not only do I have a sinus issue, now I'm sneezing up a storm every ten minutes.