Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A good realization

     It has been a very interesting and life changing past 14 months. Things have been up and down and spinning in circles… Pretty much common stuff for some people, but I am no longer a "spinny ride" type of guy. Almost half a year ago my life changed again and took a drastic turn that resulted in the destruction of my single life. Obviously it was a change that I will never regret, as these past six months have been the best I can ever say I have experienced.

     Today was a bittersweet day. I had to go back to work after spending every day of my summer with the woman that I love. I love my job, but I did not relish the idea of not seeing Samantha every day. And, of course, while I was there I kept thinking about her (because that is how disgusting we are….), and yet I also found I missed the kids too. Now, this really doesn't surprise me, as they are very lovable children (despite the screaming tantrums that sometimes occur). It's just fascinating that they are definitely part of my world as much as Samantha is. It's the "insta-family" situation. Apparently for many guys this is too much and they have a hard time accepting it, but it is not for me. I like the role of "dad", even if it is actually "step-dad". I know they have a father already and it is not my intention to replace him, but I do enjoy being able to help parent these two wonderful children.

     I really don't have too much to say today. It's been a long day and my brain is not up to rants or tirades today. I just wanted to say that right now, at this very moment, I love my life. I don't care what tomorrow brings. For now I am completely ecstatic to be me.

     And this time (though not normally) I AM the topic of a blog.


  1. Aww! That's actually really cute! I think it's fantastic that you feel that way, because you're right. Most men would turn and run in another direction. But you are not most men, you are better than most men. You're The Bruce!

  2. This was a very impressive, and moving, blog.

  3. QFT. I've got a wonderful family of 5 (plus pets :D), and people are always cheering me on my "first" child, but that's not how it works in my brain - the older two have a father that is not me, but that doesn't make them not my family/not my kids. I love all three of them as much as life, which I love a lot.