Friday, August 13, 2010

A shameless plug...

I have no rant today. I cannot compete with Pirate Gabe! (

Though loved I will not be cuter than puppies or sweeter than cupcakes about Samantha. (

I don't even have true food habit goals in mind. (

No. I am only here to shamelessly plug a restaurant tonight. Silk Thai Cafe in Tacoma.

As it turns out the accident Samantha and I witnessed this past week involved the son of the owner of the Silk Thai Cafe. He was lucky enough to escape with only a broken ankle. At the scene people were calling the police and insurance company, but only Samantha thought to call the boy's mother.  

In response to Samantha's kindness, we were treated to a meal in return. And I will tell you that of the multitudes of Thai restaurants I have tried around the Greater Tacoma Area this place takes top honors all around.  I'm not going to gush about too much. That would just be silly.  I will say that despite sitting in a little nondescript strip mall near Papa John's Pizza, you forget entirely where you are as soon as you enter. The decor is beautiful and it sets you in the mood for the food immediately.  Ok, I lied earlier, I will gush about a few things.

First off, being on the first two weeks of the South Beach diet I was very concerned about what we would even consider eating. However, we found two absolutely amazing salads that fit what we were looking for: the beef salad (yes cow and tasty greens) and the seafood salad (mussels, prawns, squid, and scallops again on tasty greens).

These had the most amazing sauces and spices that made them so much better than one could make at home. Fresh mint and tamarind on the beef salad were amazing and the lime and chili dressing of the seafood salad, though very powerful, have made an instant customer out of me.

One of my favorite things is that the food does not seem to be Americanized. It is not overly sweet and saucy, but rather it relies of the natural herbs and the spices of the cooking. Truly, it is amazing. I'm really not going to say too much else on this restaurant except that if you really know me then you know of my love of food. And you will also know that I will not often go out for food if it is something that is mediocre or something I can make myself. The food here was neither.

So, foodies, go here. Eat. Enjoy. Say hello to Suki. You will most likely see Samantha and I here frequently.

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  1. Glad he was okay, and kudos for calling mom!
    But, no restaurant address? You're killing me! :) (yeah, I can just google it, but you're blogging about it...)