Thursday, August 5, 2010

An explanation:

So, I feel as if an explanation is necessary for my first post.

I look at last year as a year of endings. Many things came to a close. It wasn't a pretty year.
This year has been a year of beginnings for me. New things.

I have felt more this year than I can truly remember feeling in years. This is not meant to be a denegrating comment towards anyone in my past, but rather a statement about where I am right now, who I am with right now, and where my life is going.

I am happy. This is a first. Which leads me back to my explanation. I felt I would start with another first. First Love. It seemed appropriate. (I will admit to taking creative liberties with exact dates, but I'm getting older. I can blame it on the onslaught of senility.)

So, for now I will call it a day and see what new thing tomorrow brings.

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