Friday, August 6, 2010

"Stop biting the couch!" and other things I never thought I'd say...

  In my life I will admit to having said things that have made many people stop, turn their heads, and ask me if I really said what they thought I had said. Yes, I have said the following:
  • I look better in the pink dress than the yellow one.
  • Yes, bring me a pair of pants. I don't know where my other ones are at, I think somebody took them last night and I'm not sure who this room belongs to.
  • Well, you never know, Bush might turn out to be an ok president. But, I don't think he'll get more than this first term. We'll just have to see how these next four years go.
  • I think I'll dye my hair blue.
  • I think I'll quit my job, go back to school, and become a teacher.
  It's funny, because at the time I'm sure these all sounded quite rational.

  And now there are children within my life. Little children. Impressionable children. Strange children. Children who make me say such things as, "Stop biting the couch." There are certain phrases that you find yourself saying over and over and over in your life. I hope that this is not one of them.  If it is, then I will have to do three things...
  1. Invest in Lysol stock.
  2. Get good dental insurance.
  3. Appologize to whomever sits on the soggy corner of the couch.

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